During the winter season, wearing gloves and your trusty coat won’t be enough to keep you comfortable, especially if you are driving around with a malfunctioning car heater. Fortunately, you can have this issue resolved with the help of a professional auto repair Lexington NC company that provides affordable and reliable car heating repairs. With their expert technician’s help. Your car will be in its tip-top shape as you welcome the New Year. If you want to know the reason behind why your car heater stops working or malfunctioning, then see the major culprits listed below: 

Broken HVAC controls 

Broken HVAC controls are one of the typical issues with older automobiles. Most of the time, the knobs and controls that help your HVAC system to function before will get damaged and worn after years of use. Because of that, your car heater is obstructed to work well.  

Water leaks 

Once your engine gets even a minimal water leak, it can result in major issues eventually. Water leaks possibly come from the hose, water pump, or radiator and affect the heating cycle of your car.  

The heater of your car plays a vital role since it gives comfort and warmth during the cold winter seasons. With the help of a car heater, you can safely travel to your destination. Apart from the discomfort that you’ll feel if you have a non-working heater, it can also be dangerous in freezing temperatures. 

Malfunctioning heater core 

The heater core of your vehicle is the same as a tiny radiator. If it properly functions, the heater core will be helping the HVAC system of your car to heat its interior. But once the heater core is not functioning, you cannot effectively heat your car’s interior.  

Insufficient Coolant 

Inadequate coolant can be among the major reasons why the heater of your car is not properly working. Once your heater operates during the cold season, coolant tends to flow to the core of the heater, which lets the vehicle heat the interior of the vehicle effectively and efficiently. When you have a very low coolant level, it’s expected that the heater will fail to perform well. 

Thermostat problems 

The thermostat of your car is a crucial part of its HVAC system. A temperature level that remains on C even after using your car for a while could indicate that your thermostat has issues. A malfunctioning thermostat causes your car heater to keep from making your interior environment comfortable. Apart from that, having a faulty thermostat can adversely affect your fuel efficiency. 

Luckily, there are a lot of auto repair companies nowadays that you can ask for assistance with. In case you experience issues in keeping up heat within the interior of your vehicles, make sure to contact one of your trusted auto services so that you’ll get an affordable and reliable solution. Work with a qualified automotive technician who will check your vehicle thoroughly and identify the main cause of the problem. Once they know the main culprit of your malfunctioning car heater, they will give an affordable solution for such a problem.